Friday, May 16, 2008

What's Your Passion Score?

As I read other blogs and learn about different approaches to coaching, I'll often come across things that might interest my readers. This is taken directly from the "Live What You Love" website and I think it's a good litmus test for how "alive" we feel. Go ahead - test your level of passion in, and for, life:
What's Your Passion Score?
Evaluate how much passion is in your day-to-day life and pinpoint which areas need some adjustment. Rate your answers to the following statements using a scale of 1-5 (1=True; 5=Not True).
  1. I wake up happy in the morning.
  2. I am hardly ever bored.
  3. If I could live my life over, I would change very little.
  4. I’m often excited about a new project at work.
  5. My overall outlook on life is positive.
  6. I frequently call friends and family members to share news about my latest accomplishment.
  7. I rarely daydream about my next vacation.
  8. My energy level is pretty high.
  9. I usually feel satisfied when I get home from work.
  10. I rarely wish I was doing something else.

Add the numbers to all of your responses together to get an idea of how passionate you are about what you do on a regular basis.


10-20: Fantastic! Your passion score is way above average. You are clearly passionate about how you spend your time and have confirmed that you need to focus on other areas of your life that might need to change.

21-30: You’re relatively happy with what you do but would most likely benefit from adding some more meaningful activities to your schedule.

31-40: You’ve got some work to do. You need to make some rather serious changes in order to enjoy life more and feel more satisfied.

41-50: You don’t need us to tell you that a significant change is in order. You already know that, don’t you?

I scored a 17, with a whopping 4 on the last question because I'd like to be doing 3 things at the same time and am frequently thinking about what's not getting done. No matter how happy I am, I think that's a common overachiever characteristic that's hard to shake.

  • What's your score?
  • Does it match your current level of aliveness?

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Animal Presidente said...

Passion is an interesting thing and can vary depending on the context. There is, for example, passion towards a specific activity. This can be great and offer fulfillment in many ways. However, if it comes at a cost to, let's say, some of the other important areas of your life, then you're thrown off balance. Overall passion is the key, a healthy passion balance?? Anyway, I scored a 23. Given my recent inner mind career rumblings, I actually expected higher. Sometimes, there is just something else giving you signs of change. Then again, here's to being a classic overachiever.