Friday, December 14, 2007

Personal Finance: Welcome!

First I'd like to thank Lee for asking me to be a guest blogger. I get SO many questions from SO many of my friends about personal finance, that I figured it would be great to start writing them down. Since many of the areas of life are linked to our financial situation, we both thought it would make sense to offer some of these tips to fellow overachievers.

My goal with this column is to offer informal advice (non-"professional" with no legal liability) on basic personal finance. The coaching that Lee offers can help you formulate and work towards goals in certain areas of life, and I'd like to offer some financial knowledge, skills, and best practices to help you make those goals a reality.

For example: "I'm doing __insert "what you do now"__ for a living. In an ideal world I would LOVE to be doing __insert "your dream job"__ for a living, except the pay sucks and I don't think I could live off of that". Example #2 – "I've realized that while I love my job, one of my goals is to travel 2-3 times a year. The problem is - I can't afford it".

As a diagnosed overachiever, rugby player and busy professional, I know how money plays a big part in our lives. I enjoy the world of personal finance, so I want to share what I've learned to help you get more out of life by making your money work FOR you.

Additionally, I want to encourage young people (ages 18-30) to start saving and taking their financial health seriously. The one thing we do have on our side is TIME. And as this blog has mentioned in previous posts (Time vs. Money and Money, Money, Money), TIME IS MONEY!!! My goal is to offer an overview of various topics with easy money saving tricks, tips, and habits that you can put into practice now.

If there are specific topics you want covered, email Lee at and I'll make sure to blog about it. Please feel free to add your thoughts, suggestions, and personal tips to the discussion through the comments section.

For my first post, I'll do something rather timely because it is the first chance to practice one of my favorite concepts – budgeting!!! Stay tuned.


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