Saturday, September 29, 2007

Inspirational YouTube Video

Check out this video. It's an inspirational show of love and commitment by a father (Dick Hoyt) who does triathlons with his disabled son, Rick Hoyt. It made me misty-eyed and I'm not usually prone to water-works.

It's really one of the most moving videos I've seen on YouTube.

  • Any others you can suggest?

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Hoop said...

Have you heard of the Blazeman? He ran the 2005 Kona Ironman after being diagnosed with ALS and with limited use of his arms and hands, and he finished the race by logrolling across the line. Last year, when he was in a wheelchair and couldn't race, a lot of people did the roll in his honour, and they expect that hundreds more will roll this year in his memory (he passed away this May). I think his interview in this video is pretty inspirational...