Sunday, September 2, 2007

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Building on the idea of "I am a part of all that I have met", it's interesting to think that each one of us has our own story - who we are, our personal trials and tests in life, our achievements, our perspectives, and the experiences that have brought us to where we are now. What's interesting is that although we are unique in so many ways, we're similar in that we're all striving to be happier, know ourselves better, and get the most out of life.

I don't know about you, but I feel like all of that (learning about myself, pursuing happiness, etc.) has taken much longer than it should have (and of course, it's never over). It's also felt a bit haphazard because a lot of influential things have either dropped in my lap or have come out of left field. What if I hadn't run into that person on that particular day? What if I took a different book off my uncle's shelf? What if I choose to stay home instead of going on that weekend trip? I feel lucky that I managed to get where I am today, despite all the randomness that comes in creating who we are.

Especially during some of those transition times when I felt lost and un-moored, I often wished that someone I trusted to have their head screwed on straight would've shared their influences and inspiration with me. I might not necessarily agree with them, but it would be good to know what others before me have used to help them along the way. I slowly pieced together ideas from friends, family, books, philosophy, and other perspectives to help inform my own life, but it wasn't easy.

So, to create what I wish I had access to earlier and in the spirit of knowledge sharing, I'm creating this blog to help us figure out life together. I know I've come across a number of things that have helped me so far (amazing people, thought-provoking books, challenging experiences, valuable activities, etc.) that I'd love to share to help someone get where they're going a bit faster. Also, through the comments of this blog, it would be great if you would add your own observations, challenges, thoughts, resources, and inspiration that has helped you in your own pursuit of happiness.

Thanks for reading and being part of it. You'll be helping someone by sharing your thoughts and contributing to the discussion, so don't be shy!

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Lee Knight said...

btw, this blog isn't necessarily about overachievers but is written by someone who thinks like one. naturally, the discussion will be influenced by this perspective, but the topics are still relevant to most people. I hope everyone can get something out of it, but let me know if it goes too far off in one direction!