Thursday, September 6, 2007

Good People, Good Energy

Yesterday I had a chance to talk to one of my old high school friends that I recently became re-acquainted with. We had a great chat - catching up on all the stuff going on in our lives. Over the course of the conversation, I felt myself getting more inspired and excited about the same stuff I was just blah about an hour ago.

I don't think it's anything she necessarily said, but rather her contagious positive outlook. It's like when one person yawns and everyone else around them starts to yawn. I think it's the same when good people connect with each's like a spark that causes a reaction. After I hung up the phone, I had that vibe and started working with renewed motivation.

It's interesting the effect that different people have on you. I'm sure you know of some "negative nellies" and everytime you're around them, they seem to drag you down. After being around them for a bit, you find yourself complaining, gossiping, or in a bad mood. I find it more revitalizing to be around people who are passionate and spunky about life, people who get you excited about something and make you feel like more is possible.
  • Who brings you up?
  • Do you have enough "good energy" people in your day?

1 comment:

Sara said...

You know what's amazing? That this kind of contagious energy goes two ways, and is made even more powerful because we talked about it. After we re-connected, I'd always look forward to catching up with you next time because I'd leave our talks on a high, floating on air and feeling truly inspired (seriously, with your energy and drive, who couldn't be?!). I had no idea that our talks had this kind of impact on you as well.

Knowing that now, makes me even more excited and confident about the renewed friendship - it's not just good for me, but good for you. What better type of energy to have in one's life?! Looking forward to chatting again soon!