Friday, November 30, 2007

My Recent Workshops

I've been hard at work planning workshops in DC and NYC on a number of different topics. I just hosted 2 workshops in November ("Who Do You Want to Be?" and "Inquire Within") and have another one planned for this weekend ("Life Approaching 30"). If you haven't seen them, please check out my upcoming workshops!

  • The "Who Do You Want to Be?" workshop on November 19th was designed specifically for the high school students (boys and girls) from the Under 19 NYRC Rugby Team. As mentioned in an earlier post about them, these kids are from the South Bronx and are struggling to get on the right path (thankfully, through rugby and NYRC many have found a positive community that they can identify with). This Under-19 Team had the opportunity to come to DC to play a few matches, take in museums and monuments, and attend my workshop entitled "Who Do You Want to Be?" In our hour-long session, I asked them to think about the positive impact one person can have in someone else's life, in the community, and in history. Then, in a series of exercises, each of them were asked to write out who they wanted to be in terms of career, values, and impact. As they shared their goals with the group, it was inspiring to hear these high school students talk about how they wanted to become an astronomer, open a dance studio, and end the violence in their community. At the end of the session, one of their coaches came up to me and said "I've never seen these kids so engaged for so long, with something required so much internal thought!"

  • The next workshop, "Inquire Within", was hosted the Sunday after Thanksgiving at a friend's house (who graciously made brunch to accompany our introspection). With the help of some Bloody Mary's and plenty of bacon, a group of friends got to know each other on a more personal level. We discussed our current and future priorities, what we wanted written on our tombstones, our ideal jobs (based on our skills and interests), and how we spend our time and money. I received some great feedback from the attendees and everyone agreed that something like this is challenging, but incredibly valuable.

I hope that you'll be able to join me for a workshop soon. Also, if there's anyone you know who might be interested, please pass it along!


foo said...

A brunch workshop with bloody marys sounds fabulous. I think maybe because I like bloody marys. You should come out here and do some sort of workshop -- I could assemble a group.

Lee Knight said...

West Coast Workshop, great idea. I should be out in the Bay Area March 13-17. Let me do some planning and make it happen!

foo said...