Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Sometime this past weekend, I was in a not-so-great mood. It was raining outside, I had a quibble with someone over something silly, and I had to go food shopping and clean the house. A bit grumpy, I jumped into the car mumbling complaints to myself and determined to stay pouty.

I don't remember what radio station it was, but this amazing version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" came on. The ukulele, the melody, and lyrics started melting my grumpy disposition. I sat in the parking lot to listen to the rest of it before heading into the store, and I left the car with a smile as I trekked through the rain. I was the happiest shopper in there.

I found out the singer is a large Hawaiian man named IZ. Here's his song with a video to brighten your Jan 2nd:

  • What other songs make you feel better, especially when you're grumpy or in a funk? I got an iTunes gift card for Christmas, so please comment and let me know!


Anonymous said...

The video is ok, but the song is great!

I've been listening to it on repeat for the last hour as I work. Thank you for sharing it.

aha said...

"everyone's got their something", by Nikka Costa. It always reminds me that my time is coming, and no two people can be the best at everything, and, well, that everyone's got their thing. And the funky groovy beat makes you just want to get up and go!

Hoop said...

i love this version of the song...thanks!

and some songs that make me happy:
kick some ass--stroke 9
sittin on the dock of the bay--otis redding
mysterious ways--U2

runningfor3 said...

It's Bruddah Iz!

Hoop said...

I'm sitting in LAX on a 4 hour layover for a work trip, watching people rush back and forth with their big bags and screaming toddlers. And all of a sudden this song came on the terminal's radio and I remembered your post. I actually saw some people around me in the gate smile and start to look more relaxed! How can you be stressed with such a gorgeous song on? This should be required background music in all airports!